Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The people you meet.

Life is strange in our computer age world. With instant messages, and blogging, and email you can meet up with some pretty strange people. I have ran into a few myself, as I am a creature of the night and am up late a lot sitting at the computer. You know the plesant conversation starts.
"Hi, how are you?"
"Good thanks and you?"
Then things go weird, it is like just because you responded to them they have the right to make a verbal assult on you, and the next thing they are saying is how they would love to bend you over the desk and do god knows what. I would probably know what if I didn't just click the message off at that point, but for christ sake at least give me a little foreplay, better yet go insult someone else, because I am so far above your little world.
Then you meet those people you just like right away, you know those ones you want to succeed in life. THe one you feel like you have known forever, and have never really meet in person. I never knew blog life would introduce me to such people, but it has and I am a better person for it. So thanks to all my knew friends, you know how you are.

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