Monday, April 19, 2004

Over the hills and through the woods to walmart again we go.

Well we had a big night at walmart again. Yes that is my life, when you have children your priorities change, and boy do they change. We were actually out of insulin for the dog. I have a diabetic dog, like I don't have enough going on trying to raise children. You know those June Cleaver mom, the ones that their house is always clean, and dinner is neatly set on the table at the same time every night. I am not that mom. I barely am able to get the kids out of bed in time for breakfast before they go to school. We are always running late, because I can't find someone's shoes, and if Steve is not home we eat cereal for dinner. I am really a mess, it is a wonder my boys have survived this long. So I found some items at Walmart tonight to make life easier. I got a scotch brite toilet brush, ok maybe it won't make life easier, but the toilet will be clean more often now. These are pretty cool, you don't ever have to touch the brush, you slide the handle and the end comes right off in the trash. I also got some of those magic erasers, and they really do work, took the crayon right off the wall, at least the little part I tried it on. Oh the joy of progress.

In other news I don't think I am ever going to get my youngest potty broke, and by this I mean using the toilet, he has no trouble dropping his pants and letting it all hang out. Today we picked his brother up from school, pulled into the drive way, and everyone, but him, got out of the car. I look back and he has his pants down to his ankles, his little tally whacker flung over the edge door and is proudly seeing how far he can let it fly. Then he says to me, "had to pee mom" like I could have missed that. The oldest one has a wild crush on Barbie, and told me she has nice boobs mom. That just seems so wrong coming from a 5 year old. I have a feeling I am going to be in big trouble by the time he is 12. At least my middle one is not giving me any problems right now, but that could all change tomorrow.

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