Saturday, April 10, 2004

All alone

I sit here in my quiet little house, and all I can here are the clicks of the keyboard, and the dogs breathing, as they lay at my feet. I don't remember the last time is was so silent around here. I enjoy the quiet late at night when everyone is in bed sleeping and I can go check on them whenever I want, but this is so different. My boys are 90 miles away from me, and for as much as I needed a break I miss them. I missed them crawling in my bed this morning when they got up, and I missed the morning ritual of what to have for breakfast. I miss the cartoons we watch together ever sat. Morning, and holding them, and kissing them. I even miss their little fights, and the toys in the living room floor. I am waiting for tomorrow when I can go get them and squeeze them up and hold their little hands. Tomorrow I will bring them home and everything will be right with my world again.

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