Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Door to Door Religion.

You know I don't have anything against religion, I think it is great you believe whatever it is you believe. Everyone needs something to believe in. I don't have a problem debating religion with you, if the subject comes up. I do have a problem with uninvited people showing up at my door to sell me their versions of God. You would think the sign on the door that says "no religious soliciting" would stop them, but it doesn't. They knock and pretend they didn't see the it. Usually I am nice, and just tell them I am not interested, or I have my own religion thank you. Today was the third time this month they have come to my door, the same 2 women, and I was not so nice. I told them would never dream of invading their privacy to get them to buy into Darwins theory of evolution, which has facts to back it up. They tried to argue the point, and I told them that if they didn't stop coming to my house, I was going to slap a lawsuit on them for harassment. They said that I couldn't do that so I told them we would get the law out here right now and see if my little sign would hold up in a court of law. They left in a huff, so I will probably be plagued with bible thumpers now. I may have to study up on the most unheard of religion and when they come back start ranting about how they are all going to hell, because they don't believe in Mr. Clean, the creator of shiny floors. Oh they irritate me.

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