Tuesday, August 03, 2004

wooohoo look who's home!

Well I am home. I have been at my moms for the last few days. The boys all got hair cuts while we were there, and it was nice to just sit and visit with my parents. I enjoy spending time with them, and so do the boys. The boys want to move in with granny and grandpa, and honestly I would let them somedays! Mom has a bunch of high school kids around her neighborhood, and last night we were all outside, and some of them stopped to talk to mom. The baby was on the porch with me and he looks at me and said, "Granny is talking to some girls!" He flew off the porch and proceeded to tell the girls he wasn't shy, and he liked to dance, "I do that all the time" he said. Then he did a little dance, and said "see I just did it all the time again!" They thought he was pretty funny. We came home today and went to the store and got some food, because these little monsters of mine will eat a person out of house and home, and then go beg from the neighbors! So I am off to put away all our wares.

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