Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Mom is great!

Mom came by today on her way home from seeing my grandparents in Colorado. I always love when she goes this time of year, she comes home with wonderful treats for me. This time she brought peaches grown in Palisade where my grandparents live, and Colorado sweet corn and it is really good. I gave her a sack of cherry tomatoes to take home with her from my garden. She also brought back a huge Texas watermelon straight from Texas. My grandparents were there a few weeks ago, that is where they are originally from Texas, and I still have lots of family that live there. My grandparents moved to Colorado many many years ago, long before my mama was born, and they have lived in Colorado most of their lives really. Even though my granny has been in Colorado longer than she ever lived in Texas you can still get a hint of that Texas drawl when she says something to you. I was raised with words like "y'all" and I will never pronounce Colorado any other way than Colarada. I have always called my grandparents granny and grandaddy. Growing up I remember some of my friends thinking it was funny that I had a "granny" most everyone else had a "grandma" now my kids have a granny too. I was also raised on southern fried foods like okra, I never knew it was an acquired taste, I have been eating the stuff since I was little and I love it. I know the difference between real corn bread and that sweet stuff some people try to pass off as corn bread, and I know that making biscuits and gravy is an art form and no one on earth can make them as well as granny can. I never knew that iced tea didn't go with every meal, and you were not suppose to give it to children. I was raised on it and so are my boys. I was raised this way because my mama was raised this way and so was her mama. It is funny really my grandparents don't live in Texas, but that is where our roots are, that is what we know. I am a Wyoming girl and I would never be completely at home in Texas, but I can speak the language thanks to my grandparents and their upbringing.

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