Thursday, August 05, 2004

Oh Viggo

I was gonna post last night, but decided to watch Halidgo first. I went to put it in the DVD player and the damn thing wouldn't work. I was getting a little frustrated as I kept hitting the power button and nothing was happening. I unplugged all the wires and slid the DVD player out of it's little whole. I tip it forward and it sounded like I had just hit the jackpot on a nickel slot machine. I had to take the whole thing apart and dig out the $2.58 in change, mostly pennies. I asked who put all the change in it and the baby proudly says "it's my piggy bank" I had to tell him if he used my DVD player for a piggy bank again I would have to send him to live somewhere else, which to that he just said "I wanna live with dranny!" very excited that I may finally let him go live with her. He loves his dranny more than he loves anyone in the world. If you ask him who he loves he will tell you "I love my dranny, and then my mom." So I get the DVD player put back together and it works again. It is late by this time so I have to put the boys in bed, and I told them they better stay in bed tonight, because I was mad. They told me all the stuff I wanted to here like yes they would stay in bed and they loved me and all that. I kissed their little faces and squeezed them tight, thinking the whole time Viggo is waiting! I headed back to the living room, put the movie in and sat down.
"Mom I have to pee"
"Ok well go then."
"ME too"
"Me too"
So they all got up and went pee, and then they got a drink, and then they all came in to get one more kiss, and then they needed me to fix their blankets, and finally I sat on the edge of the bed and sang them a few song, because they don't know I am a really bad singer yet, and they finally went to sleep. Oh alone with Viggo at last! I got to watch my movie, and what more could a girl ask for it was Viggo the cowboy, and he plays a good cowboy! Everytime he said "Ma'am" I got shivers! It was a really good movie, but it was so late when it got over I didn't have time to post!

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