Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Cold, rainy days drive me insane.

I love cold rainy day for the most part, but with the rain and the mud and the cold the boys are stuck in the house. They have thousands of dollars worth of toys to play with in here, cars and trucks, race tracks, action figures, games, guns, stacks of books, you name it they own it, but yet they say they have nothing to do. How can they have nothing to do? I finally told them to go clean their room, they didn't like that idea either. I swear they are never happy. The oldest told me he needs some video games, and I told him to get a job and buy some. I am really mean that way. I think kids need to be doing something active, not sitting in front of the TV all day playing video games. My oldest is getting to the age where he visits his friends at their houses from time to time, and all I hear is how so and so's mom lets him play video games, and how mean I am because I don't. I have seen these kids that sit day in and day out in front of a television playing these games, they are over weight inactive, lazy little brats for the most part. I am not saying all kids who play video games are that way, but I know quite a few who become that way as teenagers, and I don't want my kids being that way. However if I have to hear "mom we don't have anything to do" or "we're bored mom" one more time I may get them their own tv and every video game on the market just so I don't have to listen to how bored they are anymore.

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