Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Well we are on to day 2 of school, and it wasn't any easier leaving my baby on that play ground today! I was talking with a friend today about over protective parents, and I will admit that yeah I am over protective. I think most parents are in this day and age. There are to many weirdos in this world for us not to be a bit on the over protective side. You hear about it all the time, even here in our little town of about 50,000 people there are weirdos. A few years ago we had a soccer coach that was caught molesting a few of his team members, I would kill someone for molesting my kids. There would never even be any police involved, they would just be here one day and missing the next never to be found again! I think that anyone who molests children should be tortured and then killed, and I think the parents should be allowed to do the torturing and killing! It should be the law, but there are those few in our society that don't think that way. Anyway back on track here, I am an over protective parent, but I still want my boys to become responsible, productive members of our society. I try not to smother them with my over protectiveness, and more times than not I have stood back and closed my eyes when they are doing something I think is dangerous, like riding on the seat of your bike and trying to let go of the handle bars. They need to understand that they are responsible for their actions, and if doing something dangerous gets them hurt after I have told them that they will get hurt, they need to understand they made that choice, and all I can do it be ready to kiss their booboos, and tell them I told you so. I am not saying I allow them to run with sissors or sword fight with steak knives that would just be stupid of me. I am just saying that I try to control my over protectiveness. It isn't always easy for me to do. I would love to be able to control everything they do, but I know that is not really my job as their parent. My job is to teach them right from wrong, my job is to try and make them responsible little people, and my job is to make sure that no one on earth harms them along their journey into adulthood. It is just not easy being a parent!

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