Thursday, August 26, 2004

The crazy things boys do

I was cooking dinner last night and the boys were all out front riding their bikes with Steve. So I have everything cooking and walk outside to watch them for a few minute before I have to get back to stirring the dinner. I see my oldest and he actually has a helmet on his head, this was strange my kids never wear them even though they all own at least 2. I have tried to get them to wear them, but it is futile. I give Steve an inquiring minds want to know look, which he didn't quite understand so I had to ask "What is up with the helmet?" To this my husband just points with a blank look on his face, as if he doesn't quit no what to say, so I turn and see my oldest performing stunts on his bike! I see him hauling balls down the hill standing on the seat of the bike attempting to let go of the handle bars! Oh lord it begins, once he starts this the others are sure to follow and then all I can do is stand by and be ready with the key when we have to go to the emergency room. He sees me and begins yelling "look mom look." I ask where the hell he learned such a stupid thing, to which he replies, "I just taught myself. Take a picture of me doing stunts mom." Well of course I go in to get the camera so I can take his picture of this stupidity, why I wanted to encourage him I will never know.

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