Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I have seized control! Round 9 of the storytelling game is on!

Jenn drew her sword, but Collin was no match for her great skill.

"I shall spare your life, as long as you play the games Collin!" she told him as she held the blade to his throat.

OK that isn't really how it happened. Collin thinks he is busy at work, and begged me to start the game, ok ok so he didn't really beg. He said I could if I wanted to, and we all know what it is like waiting around for him to do it!

JayJay won the last round, great job Jay! So he picked the words, so blame him if you don't like them, I had nothing to do with it! HEEHEE! Here they are:
1. salient
2. rock
3. glow
4. fringe
5. metallic
6. hush
7. damask
8. apex
9. flame
10. incipient

You have until sunday to post a story this time, that is like 6 days people, and you know which people I am talking about. I won't meantion any names, Collin and Derek K, because that would just be rude to point out some people are not playing! The theme this time will be porn, NO I am kidding the is no theme so write about whatever you feel like writing about just write!

Oppps forgot to link it up!!! here yes click here and it will take you right to the spot you need to be to post your story. Come on people you know you want to.

OH and if there was a price for being my 5000th visitor it would go to Tricia!

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