Wednesday, August 11, 2004

My baby is coming home!

Mom has had my oldest since we went to the lake on Sat. I miss him so much it is unreal. He is a chatterbox, always talking, and my house has been so quiet even with the other two still home. I miss his rattling on and on about nothing, I miss him entertaining his brothers, and I even miss them fighting. I miss holding him, and I miss his little loving arms wrapping around my neck, and his "I love you mom", I miss tucking him in at night, and those sweet little goodnight kisses. I miss him sneaking into my bed at 3am. I miss him so much it hurts. I know he has been in good hands with people he loves and they love him almost as much as I do, but I wish that he wouldn't stay gone so long! It seems like just yesterday when he would beg to go to granny's and the next day I was going to get him because he missed me. Now it is I am staying all week mom, and he does. How do they grow up so fast, he is only 6, what am I going to do when he gets old enough to have his own life? I love all my boys so much and there is something special about each one of them, but me and the oldest have a special bond that is just a little different then I have with the other two. The oldest is my little man, he likes to take care of mom, and he loves me more than he loves anyone. I am just glad I finally put my foot down and said he had to come home today!

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