Sunday, August 08, 2004

Fun and Sun

I hear tale that many people actually enjoy the heat; I am not one of those people. I prefer the cool weather, and I actually love the snow. I like the vast blanket of white that covers the ground as far as you can see, and the crisp air that shows each breath you take. Winter is much better then the blistering heat of summer for me. The summer heat makes me hot and cranky. I sometimes forget this and do stupid things like go to the lake where it is even hotter. That is what I did this weekend. I took the boys to Glendo; we met my parents there and proceeded to find their boat, which daddy had some friends pull out ahead of time. Well the day started fine. We drove out and found the boat, and then took off to the dock, only to find that the water level is so low this year the dock is about 10 feet from the waters edge! This is not good; we have to use the dock to get this 20-foot pontoon into the water. After a little argument between mom and dad, we head back the 12 miles to the marina, as that is the only dock on the lake that is in the water. We load the kids and Sadie, mom's dog, on the boat, mom and I get on and dad proceeds to back down the half mile of ramp, almost dropping us over the edge a couple of times. At that point I think he would have happily drove us over the edge if his beloved grandchildren had not been on the boat, we were all already hot and bitchy. Thank God, for the boys they saved their mom and granny from a horrible fall over the rocky cliff to our death, I knew I had kids for a reason! We get the boat in the water, everyone is in a better mood, and off we go on our journey into the sun. Dad as usually has planned this trip to include some of his buddies, but has neglected to inform mom before hand. So we spend about an hour and a half, cruising the waters edge looking for these people that dad knows. Then dad decides, finally, to let the boys’ fish!

My middle one loves to fish. He can cast his pole out and sit for hours waiting for that whooper to nibble on his bait. The other two are not as patience as the middle one, they get bored after about 15 minutes. We sat with the sun beating down on us and fished, well the middle one fished, the oldest one wanted to swim, and the baby just wanted “dranny” to catch him a fish, which she did. We sat there for about an hour, mom caught a fish for the baby, and then got another one, which she let the middle one reel in, and then we went back to patrolling the shoreline! Dad found his buddies and they all loaded onto the boat and we went off to this atrocious little beach that was filled with cock a burrows and red slimy mud that stank like dead fish, and we ate lunch and let all the kids swim in the yuck. By this time I had all I could stand of the fun in the sun, I had daddy take me back to the marina so I could just come home. I had a headache and the inside of my thighs were sunburned.

We pull up to the loading place and it is full with boats, so we pull up along the slip that was privately own, but empty. We were staying by that slip long enough for me and the boys to get off the boat, and some asshole starts screaming at us that we don’t pay for that spot therefore we can’t park there. Mom politely says we are just letting the kids out of the boat we are not staying; he gets belligerent and starts saying how we need to play by the rules, that is his buddies spot and yada yada. I told him to go back to guarding his own slip and shut the f**k up, I just wanted off the boat and no one was hurting a thing. I thought my dad was going to park the boat and stomp a mud whole in the stupid jerks ass. If I had not had three small boys in tow, I would have knocked the crap out of the asshole. I could see him getting upset if it was his spot and we were trying to park the boat there, but for Christ sake, we were there less than a minute, and it was not even his spot. Of course he has this big cabin cruiser that cost more then most people make in a year, I should of told him that he was making up for having a small penis. Oh well you know you find an asshole everywhere you go now a days, and in the end everyone on the dock thought he was just making as ass out of himself, which he was. They were all commenting to me on the way out what a jackass they thought he was, and I did tell the woman with small children I was sorry her kids had to hear those words come out of my mouth; she just said she did not blame me he was acting like a jerk.

That was our lake experience, and we did not stay to camp that night. I had enough sun so me and the two youngest came home my oldest stayed with his grandparents, who called me on the way home to tell me they were not staying to camp either.

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