Friday, August 20, 2004

The baby

My baby is the little comedian in our family, he loves to be funny and ususlly is. He has decided that he is going to school this year with his brother's no matter what I say. We got them all new backpacks for the new school year, and he insisted he needed one to, so of course he got one. Now every morning he gets up, gets dressed and puts his backpack on and wears it all day, saying "I am ready for cool now." He is sure he is going, and the sad truth is he isn't! He isn't going until next year, because he is only 3, and he is my baby and I am not ready for him to run off and leave me just yet, it's bad enough the other 2 are in school already. So anyway I told the baby that he was not going to go to school and he has decided that he will go live with his granny, there are 2 reason he wants to go live with her. She is his favorite person in the world, he loves her more than he loves anyone, and he is sure she will let him go to school. My mom isn't that typical spoil the children kind of grandmother. She doesn't buy them lots of toys everytime she see them, and she doesn't give them their way all the time. She has spanked them all on several occasions, and they have needed it, she treats them the same way I treat them really, but she loves them almost as much as I do. They know she loves them, and they love her. The baby thinks she is wonderful, she is his best friend, just ask him and he will tell you "I lub my dranny the berry best." I don't know if mom really wants a 3 year old living with her however much she loves him though. She will take him for a few days, but she is always happy to give him back so she can rest up for the next time she gets to spend time with them. I really don't want to let him go live with her either. I kind of like having my sweet little baby around.

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