Monday, August 23, 2004

My relationship with Toby Keith

The boys all have colds, not real bad ones just little running nose and cough. The last time they all got real sick they ended up giving their crud to me. I hate getting sick, I always seem to get a lot sicker then the boys. I think that is because I spend a week running myself down taking care of them. So anyway the last time I was sick I was running a fever, a high fever at one point when I checked it my temp was all the way up to a 104.6. Well a fever that high will cause strange things to happen, and you really can't function right. So we had been listening to Toby Keith and when I finally did get into bed I passed right out. I had the realest strangest dream I have ever had in my entire life. I dreamed that I was Toby Keith's tour manager, and he is a very demanding person I will tell you that! I had to arrive in every city that hosted his concerts, and make sure things went well. I had to check everything, the hotel rooms, the food on the menu's, the weather outside, I mean everything had to be just perfect or he would throw a fit. I am sure he isn't like that in real life, but he was so demanding in dream land that he caused me to have a nervose break down and I ended up in the mental ward of some hospital. It was such a real dream that I would hear one of his songs a week later and it would make me so mad all over again. I think that my dream was telling me that I was wearing myself down trying to take care of the boys and I needed to rest or I was going to end up in the hospital, and Toby got thrown into the mix because I had his music on before I had gotten into bed. It was the strangest dream I have ever had though. I hope these colds are gone quickly and I hope that I don't get one too!

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