Wednesday, August 25, 2004

When the door shatters

It makes a really loud bang crash, and the glass is impossible to clean up! For some reason my dear husband put a wooden swinging screen up on our back patio door, he muttered something about "there now quit bitching about the bugs coming in the house." We had a normal patio sliding screen on and after replacing it at least 3 times every summer he decided that a swinging one would stay put and the dogs and the kids would quit knocking it off the track therefore I would quit yelling about bugs and flies and other strange things venturing into my house. He was right they have not managed to knock this one down, and the bug population inside is down considerately! He did mention that he hoped it didn't slam into the glass after he installed it, and said he would fix that on his next days off which came and went and the door was forgotten. The wind is blowing with hurricane force however and it did managed to bust the screen right through the glass patio door the is glass everywhere, and the more I scoop up the more I find. I will never get it all picked up. The lesson for today is never ever put a swinging screen door on the back patio unless you like cleaning up glass! Lucky me it only broke one pane of glass, so I fixed the damn thing, how you ask? Yes I thought about nailing the door shut, but then I would have to take the dogs out the front door and around to the gate to let them outside, and well lets face it I am much to lazy to do that and it would intrupt valueable internet time so I nailed a 2x4 to the porch so that next time it swings open it will hit the board instead!

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