Tuesday, August 17, 2004


The internet seems to bring us together. I have found so many great people here, that I am proud to call my friends. Tricia is one of those friends, she is one of the best friends I have. We just clicked from the moment we found each other in this little blog world. I feel like I have known her forever. I have laughed with her, and cried on her shoulders, and she has never failed to be there for me. Now I am worried with her, as Zach, one of her sons get ready to have heart surgery. You can go to Tricia's site and read about the surgery, it is going to make life a lot better for Zach. He will be able to do all the things he loves to do again, without making his mom worry sick! I know he will do just fine, and everything will go well, but it still doesn't stop me from worrying. That is what friends do, they share those moments with each other, and I know that until the Dr. comes out and tells Tricia that everything went wonderfully she will be a nervous wreck. She will sit in the hospital and wait and wonder what is taking so long and every horrible thought will go through her mind, as she watches the clock and waits. She is his mom, and that is what mom's do worry and love our children. I can't be there with her to hold her hand and hug her and tell her everything is going to be fine. I can't sit and talk with her and try to take her mind off of every minute that passes, and I would so much love to be able to do that for my friend. I know the surgery will go great, and I know that Zach will be a lot better after the surgery, but I know that until Tricia can see him and touch him she will be worried, and until I hear from her I will be worried with her, and for her and for Zach. I love you Tricia girl and just because I am not sitting there with you doesn't mean that I am not thinking about you and your family. So if everyone could send all their love Tricia and Zach way that would be great.

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