Thursday, August 19, 2004

I have stole Tricias comment!

Well, guys,
I have kidnapped a staff computer for a minute.
If I stop abruptly… I have been caught.

Just a quick update:
Zach is out
Cath is in

Doc tripped Zach's heart
It did flip flops
Doc was happy

Zach has a hole
The pathway that needs to be ablated is in a bad spot so it is going to be tricky
If it's too risky then we will pull out, close up shop and go on meds
Yucky, Yucky meds!

Zach will be hugely disappointed if this doesn't work
He even wore his Homer Simpson Undies.
They say 'Cruel World… why do you mock me so'

Must go… we've been caught!

Ok that was Tricia's comment from her blog, but I wanted to get it out, in case everyone was not checking her comments, like I have been doing ever other minute. Love you Tricia girl and it sounds like everything is going good.

UPDATE: again taken from Tricia's comments.
Zach is awake
He wants a spicy chicken sandwich

Who the hell sells those?
McDonalds, Wendy's…
He uttered those words then fell back asleep

He also called his Girlfriend,
He said jafbanak bejokbe bifiufu
then hung up on her

She called back
She said to tell him that she loves him.

We will have to do the surgery again… You will be here right?

Tricia next time I am coming to Alanta to wait with you!

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