Sunday, September 12, 2004

This is for Ren, and her shoe fetish.

These dear girl are my feet.
You will notices the worn toes, and the dirt at least it looks like dirt; I hope it's dirt. the calouses don't show up to good, but I will tell you that the bottoms of my feeties are armor plated. I hate shoes, almost as much as I hate John Kerry. You will notice that my feet are as wide as they are long, this has always sucked, and made it hard to find cute shoes that actually were comfortable, and if my feet are not comfortable then the whole world is gonna know it. The only time I put shoes on is when I have to leave my house and go somewhere, and only then if I have to actually get out of the car. I own a total of 2 pair of shoes, one pair of imatation brukenstalks, you know the sandle things made of cork, and one pair of cheap walmart tennis shoes, and I will wear them until the soles fall off and then I will get new ones. I think shoes are evil, and it always shocks me to see things like this I walk barefoot in the snow to the mailbox, I walk barefoot on the hot pavement, I walk barefoot darn near everywhere, like you couldn't tell that from the photo. I have always wonder why people need so many damn shoes, my sister loves them and Ren loves them, and I love my sister and I love Ren, but I would love to have all the money they have spent on shoes, I could take my 2 pair and go on one hell of a vacation! Ok now stop laughing at my ugly, dirt feet and move on people nothing more to see here!

Oh I do wash them every night before I go to sleep, and then I carry the wash rag to bed with me so I can wipe them off before I get into bed, what did you think I actually slept with dirty feet?

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