Tuesday, September 07, 2004

All right I'll post

I just didn't even feel like logging on the computer this weekend. I tried a few times would read one blog and then log off. So we are on week 2 of school, and I have already lost my mind! I was suppose to get the film developed for Cam's pre school class and I forgot, so I ran to Walgreen to the one hour film developer thing. Well I was trying to get the film back to class before it was out, so they could put their pictures on the covers of their portfolios. I got to Walgreen at 9:45 and at 11:25 they just finished my film, well school gets out at 11:30 so I had to race back to the school and get Cameron. I was almost ten minutes late, and they didn't get the pictures in time! It is back to school night and Mrs. Shreve likes to have their stuff all ready to show the parents! I am leaving the boys home with Steve and then I am going to go to back to school night and meet D's teacher. I am really lucky because I got to know Cam's teacher really well last year. David and Cam both had her last year, and she is a great teacher. Thankfully Cam wasn't worried about me being late to get him; he knew I would be right there. As I walked into the school I remember that I have forgotten to give D lunch money, so I ran into the office to give them some money so he can eat this week. The girls assured me that they would never not feed one of the kids, they would have charged his lunch and sent me a note home, so I guess I am not the only one who has forgotten lunch money! We didn't do much this weekend. Mom and dad came Sunday and we spent the day at homedepot and went to Red Lobster for lunch, and last night I got to talk to Vadergrrrl for a bit, which was good because I had been worried about her, and then I got a call from Tricia, and those were the exciting 3 day weekends events in my world.

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