Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Hockey was good

Well we got off to hockey and David skated very well. He is one of the older kids this year, next year he will move up an age group. Cam has decided he wants to play, but I don't know if I will let him play this year or wait until next year. He has to understand if I am going to dole out that kind of cash he has to finish the whole season. So I may see if I can get him on the ice once to see if he likes it and if he doesn't then I won't sign him up, but if he does then I will. I will talk to the coach tomorrow and see if we can do that. I am sure he will want to play once he is out there, but I don't want to throw away a hundred bucks either. Colton wants to play and there is no doubt that he would finish the season, but he is still to young, you have to be 4 and he is only 3.
On another note the Vice President is coming home. He will be here for a big fund raiser, of which I won't be attending as I don't know who would pay $1000 to look at Dick. For those of you that didn't know Mr. Cheney and his wife are from Casper, where they raised 2 daughters one of which is a lesbian, ironic isn't it. I won't be going anywhere the day he is here as they will have the whole town staked out, like they did in July when he and Lynne came home for their class reunion, costing tax payers a lot more money than they will make from the little fund raiser.

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