Friday, September 10, 2004

I need you to iron this shirt mom.

Yes that is what my 4 year old tells me. The kid is 4, what kind of kid cares what they wear when they are that old? Well Cameron does! He insists on wearing a button up shirt, I only bought him 2 button up shirts this year, and he has already worn them both. So the last 2 mornings I have been "I can't wear this shirt to school mom."

"Why? It looks fine."
"Oh mom, I don't look good. I have to look good when I go to school!"
"You look fine sweetie, what is the matter with that shirt?"
"It isn't a dress up shirt mom."
"Sure it is look there isn't a stain one on it, and I don't have a dress shirt for you to wear this morning." He is wearing a polo shirt today, you know with the buttons at the neck and the collar, but no that is not good enough for him!
"Will you go get me somemore then."
"Sure honey."
"Ok, well lets go to the store now."
"You have to go to school right now."
"but I need a shirt."
"You have a shirt on."
"MOM" he says through gritted teeth.
I am sure next year I will have to get him ties to go with his dress shirts! Cameron has always been more of an adult than a child in his thinking. The kid just understands things that most kids his age don't. He doesn't question things like most kids that young do, he just gets it. He was never a "why" child. Both his brother still do the "why mom", not Cam, he is usually answering his brothers "whys". I often tell David and Colton when they ask me why to go ask Cameron, because he can give them the correct answer and give it in such a simple way that they can understand what he means. David ask me the other day "why do people have babies." Before I could answer Cameron says "if people didn't have babies David then there wouldn't be anymore people!" "Really mom?" David said in disbelief. "yes honey that is true." He does things like that all the time, it is like he is an old soul, like he has been here before and brought part of that experience with him this time too. He still enjoys doing the normal kid stuff, but his little mind is always thinking. Some times he frightens me with his knowledge of the world around him, and how easy it is for him to understand things that kids his age normally are not even thinking about. He has explained rainbows to his brothers, and he understands that the earth spins and that is how it gets dark and light, he doesn't believe in monsters, and thinks David is weird because he does. He knows the difference between imagination and real life, and he can use his imagination to create his own little world. He is just so different than his brothers.

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