Sunday, September 12, 2004

Just hanging out with the boys

That is all we did this weekend just hang out. The boys like to play with the little girl across the street, she is a doll. The four of them get along really well and they play together a lot here lately! Her mom is really nice too, actually I like all my neighbors except for one family, and that is another blog. So we just sat out front and watched them ride bikes and play all day. Last night I was laying with Cam, because he "needed to talk with me", and he was telling me all about life, and school, and playing. I said to him "so what is the meaning of life?" He said "I don't know mom, no one really knows what the meaning of life, it's not like they can teach that at school." He is such a strange little child sometimes. Colton got mad at his brothers last night, his favorite thing to say anymore is "My guys are pissing me off! Oh they just make me so angery!" I just can't think of anything else to say today.

Oh the story game is on again in the forum so click on over there and get writing. Hopefully my story comes out a lot easier than my blog today!

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