Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Cold and cloudy with a 70% chance of snow

That is what it is like at my house today. I always love the first snow of the year, but this morning was not a good day for the cold. I had all the coats hanging in the closet and they were not there this morning. I hunted high and low for them and couldn't find them. I still don't know what the boys did with them. So I put 2 long sleeve shirts on Cam and the thickest jacket I could find, and I put D in a long sleeve shirt, a jacket, and a sweatshirt. Hopefully they will be warm enough. When I got to the school to drop them off I noticed about half the children dressed the same way as mine, so at least I was not the only mother who couldn't find winter coats this morning.

I had another blog in the works, but decided to delete it as I am just to tired to finish it.

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