Thursday, September 02, 2004

School Daze

the boys

Sometimes I don't know where the days have gone. It seems like it should be Tuesday and it is Thursday. I lose days a lot. Really I don't know where summer went, it seems like the boys should just be getting out of school, and not starting back. Yesterday was Cam's first day. He loves school, he loves to learn. He will be my little smart kid, while his brothers will do just enough to stay on whatever team they are playing on, book learning is not Davids thing he is a little jock all the way. Cam enjoys tossing the baseball around and he likes playing basketball and football, but he just isn't passionate about it like D is, no David could throw a ball before he could walk. He got one of those playschool basketball hoops for his 1st birthday and he would stand back and shoot, making more shots then he would miss. He would get so upset at himself when he missed. Cam just never had the passion for that kind of thing, don't get me wrong he is a very active child. He loves to run and ride his bike, and play outside, but give him a book, and tell him what the words are and he so much wants to be able to read it all by himself. He will sit and make up stories to go along with the picture, and he will count things just to count them. Cameron wants to know everything and absorbs information like a sponge, and David wants to know the rules of the game and how to play it. It is funny how they can be so close in age and differ so much from each other. You asks D what his favorite thing about school is and he will tell you "Playing football at recess". You asks Cam the same thing and he will tell you what book they read or that he is learning to spell his whole name everyday it is something new with him. Then there is the baby, he wants so badly to go to school with his guys. Yesterday when Cam got home Colton just kept telling him "Your my best friend Cam" "I love you Cam, your my best friend", "Mom, Cam is my best friend." I think that he thinks if he really butters Cam up then he will let him go off to school with him. I am not ready for him to go off to school, but next year I will have to let him go too, I don't know if I have enough tears for 3 of them to leave me at once. It seems like all I have done this week is cry.

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