Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Boy things have sure change since I was a kid

I had the honor of going to back to school night last night. I always enjoy meeting the teachers. I already know Cam’s teacher, he had her last year and so did David. She is awesome cool and the boys love her. David’s first grade teacher seems very nice, and he has given me rave reviews about her so far. Steve was late getting home from work, because he forgot I was going to school, so I ended up meeting him in the parking lot so I could hand the boys off to him, I took them with me last year and that was just a mistake!

I went to the D mans class first, and I found his little place; sat in his little chair, and his teacher gave us a run down of the things that they would be learning this year. They actually still teach reading, writing, and math, and I was happy to know these subjects are still important, for how long, remains to be seen though. They will also be learning Spanish again this year; they have to teach it from like K to 4th grade or something like that. I find that just insane, for the simple reason that if your going to live in this country you damn well better speak the same language the rest of us do. I think we are to tolerant of foreign cultures moving here and not speaking English, there is nothing that sets fire to my blood more than standing in line at the store and having someone who can’t speak a lick of English reaching into their wallet or purse and pay with their welfare card. I would never be so rude as to move to their country and not speak the same language. I have nothing against Spanish speaking cultures, or any other culture for that matter, but I think it should be mandatory for anyone living in the United States to speak the freaking language. When the settlers first started coming here they were not all from England, there were a lot of them from other non English speaking countries, and yet they learned to speak English so why do we settle for anything less now days…OH yeah I was talking about back to school night, sorry.

They also get to go to PE and music class twice a week in first grade. I can see the importance of going to both these classes 2 times in a week! With all the overweight, unhealthy kids these days it is important to have gym class, I think they should have it everyday, and just cut out the reading and writing, because lets face it being active and attractive is much more important than being able to read or write. D’s class is full of active, normal sized kids so PE is really paying off. Music class, I have fond memories of music class, it happened every other week when I was in grade school. I think that is probably what is wrong with me today; there was not enough music class when I was growing up. I was happy to know that they get to go twice a week, really if our kids can’t sing twinkle twinkle little star how far in life do we expect them to go? They get art class once a week too, isn’t first grade one big art class? I was surprised to find that they also get to go to computer lab once a week.

Computer lab was something we didn’t have when I was growing up, hell I didn’t even know what a computer was when I was in first grade, it was after all some 27 years ago when I was in first grade. It is good to know they get a little fun time on the computers once a week. I know technology is just not as important as PE or music class, what will they ever use it for really? It is not as if they could actually get a job with computer skills, but at least they get a little fun time aside from all the learning they will have to be doing.

I think this year will be a good year for my little man. His favorite time is recess and they get three of those a day.

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