Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Yes while all of you are sad that there has been no hockey, I am preparing to watch my oldest get back on the ice. Tonight is the first night back for my little hockey player. He was so excited last night that he could hardly sleep. He just kept telling everyone who would listen, "I have hockey tomorrow" He had to call his grandparents and tell them, and when dad got home from work he had to tell him. He informed me this morning that I should have all his gear out and ready when he gets home from school. I should have gotten his skates sharpened, but I forgot! So he will have to skate on dull edges tonight and then I will leave them at the rink for sharpening. He actually needs new skates. Me and mom were going to go to Denver this year, but we never made it so I guess my web search for skates is back on! Cam decided that he didn't want to play hockey, but Colton wants to, he has to be 4 before he can play so next year he will get to. Well I am off to do some laundry and make sure all his gear is in his bag!

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