Thursday, September 09, 2004

A peek into our morning

7:20 alarm goes off. I stumble out of bed, and feel my way to the coffee pot, sweet wonder nectar of the gods will soon be brewing! I can see a little clearer as I make my way to the bathroom gotta potty before I can move anymore. I then go into the room where my boys are sleeping, or are suppose to be sleeping, most time at least one of them has made their way into the middle of my bed. I stand there a few minutes just looking at them, and then I smell the coffee and it wakes me up a bit more. I gentle sit down on the edge of the bed to wake up David, he hates waking up. "Sugar baby it is time to get up. You have to go to school." He turns over and throws the blanket over his head, usually at this point I can't help myself and I jump under the covers and pull him as close to me as I can and snuggle him up for just a few minutes while I kiss his little blonde head and tell him how much I love him. I know he is awake, but he never responds; he just lays there pretending to still be asleep. I make my way to Cameron, who is usually the one in my bed, and I flop down on the bed. "Hey baby you gonna go to school today?" His eyes pop open, he smiles, and says "Can I have French toast for breakfast?" "Sure" I say "I will meet you in the kitchen." and off I go to make them some French toast. I get the breakfast all ready, Cam is waiting in the living room watching a little TV waking up. I give him his breakfast, and go in to drag the D man out of bed. "Breakfast is ready D, come and eat, hurry up so we are not late." To this I get one open eye as I hear Cam "mom you forgot my milk." I hurry back in to get his milk; give it to him, and rush back to get D out of bed.

"Ok David it is time to get up now, we don't have anymore time left for you to be laying here."

"Ok mom, I want cereal"
"I made French toast already."
"Why did you make French toast? I wanted cereal."
"because Cam asked for French toast."
"why does he always get to pick breakfast? That's just not fair, and I am not getting up."
"He gets to pick because he gets up right away, if you would get up first you could pick breakfast. Now come on little man, you have ten minutes to eat."
On our way out of the room he decides he is not going to school because he didn't get to pick breakfast, and I assure him he will go to school even if he has to go hungry, and then he proceeds to complain about everything. I give him his French toast, he scarves it down, and then goes and takes a shower as I am yelling "and use soap, and wash your hair" Cam at this point is still chewing his first bite of French toast! "Cam hurry up and eat so you can get in the shower." "OK mom" he says and never increases his speed one little bit. David is out of the shower by this time, I go in and smell his head to make sure he washed it, and then he brushes his teeth as I poke a few more bites of breakfast into Cam and lead him to the shower. I make him get wet, I pour shampoo on his little head, he scrubs as I get his toothbrush. "Ok rinse off now Cam." "Ok mom" he says as I hand him his toothbrush in the shower, because we are running out of time and I still need to find some socks that I left in the dryer last night. As I am running down the stair I am yelling "Hurry up Cam, David get yourself dressed."
"I don't know where my clothes are mom."
"David they are in the same place I put them every morning now get dressed damnit"
"Ok mom."
I find 2 pair of socks stumble up the stairs, run into the bathroom, turn off the water, wrap Cam the man in a towel, and find David standing naked in front of the TV.
"Why aren't you dressed?" to which I receive a blank stare as if I couldn't be talking to him.
I shut the TV off, drag him to the couch where I have laid his clothes, and begin cramming them on his little body, then I do the same to Cam as I am telling D to find his shoes, which he usually puts on. In the rare event that he has actually gotten himself dressed I usually find his underwear laying in the same place I left them, and when I ask why he doesn't have them on he replies "OH I don't need them."
Now at this point we have about 3 minutes to get to the school, so they grab back packs I grab Colton and we run to the van, I tear out of the driveway and we make it the few blocks to school just as the bell is ringing.

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