Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Mom meet Jim

"Mom this is Jim." the baby says to me. I am thinking ok he has an imaginary friend isn't that cute. So being the idiot that I am I pretend to shake hands with Jim. The baby looks at me like I have lost my mind. I am dumbfound at this point, then the lovely little child hold up a tiny piece of plastic and state in all seriousness "This is Jim right here mom can he come to school with us?"
"Why sure honey." I try to hold back the giggles.
"Come on Jim mom says you can go with us."
So the 6 of us, including Jim and the dog, get in the van and off to school we go. We get home and I ask "what happened to Jim?"
"He decided he wanted to stay at the park so I threw him out the window. It's ok because I have real friends anyway."
I have decided that I am not to sure if I want to be friends with the baby you never know when he will throw me out the window!

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