Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Picture day! It is picture day

I am so lucky to have boys! We would have never been able to get a little girl ready on time this morning. I remember picture day for us. It started the night before picture day. Mom would give us our bath, wash our hair, and then she would have an old sheet cut into strips. She would sit us on the table and proceed to wrap small sections of hair in these strips of sheets, they are called rag curls. I would then have to sleep with these torn bits of rags all around my head. In the morning she would unwrap my head and I would have beautiful golden curls to frame my sweet little smile. Mom would have my clothes all ready, a cute little dress, tights, and some cute little shoes. She would dress us and brush our hair, and make us sit still until it was time to go to school, she would then hand us our little envelopes with our $7.00 in it, and we would go off to picture day. When the pictures got back there would always be way more than we ever needed. Even with the boys it took longer to get ready than normal. We got up and I had to iron shirts, and then Cam decided his pants needed ironed too. Ironing is a skill I am sadly lacking the ability to do with any great success. I get the wrinkles out and replace them with creases instead. So having a Cameron, who always wants his stuff ironed is difficult at best for me. Today I had to crease both the boy's shirts. So I got them all handsomed up and took them to school, and told them not to get dirty before pictures, I have to trust that they will heed my words. I put their little envelopes with their $25.00 in their back packs, and they will bring home about a quarter of the pictures that we use to get. It is a good thing picture day only happens once a year.

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