Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rainy season

I have been busy. Steve was off from 5 o'clock Thursday until this morning. I found that it takes less than 48 hours for him to get on my nerves, and by hour 49 we are ready to kill each other.
At the end of June he will be off for like 20 days, someone my not make it out alive!

Last Thursday was pre school graduation, so Colton and I went to Cam's class for that. The kids get to go up and get their cap and tell the class what they want to be when they grow up. One little girl is set on being a pony when she grows up, and Cam wants to be a judge. I am not even sure if he knows what a judge is, but that is what he wants to be. Friday his class went to Burger King for their last meal together, Colton and I went with them. So Cam is all done with school and all set to go off to Kindergarten next year.

D has until Friday, but I am wondering why I am even sending him this week. Today they are having a field trip, tomorrow is track day, me and the boys will go to the stadium for that, they have it at the high school I graduated from. Then Thursday the entire school is going to see a movie, then Friday is half a day and they are doing awards. It is crazy really. I will be glad when they are both home with me. This morning D looks sad going to the play ground all by himself, it broke my heart!

So I have another busy week around here. Today we have pre school screening for Colton, tomorrow we will be at track all day, and Friday we will be at awards day, but shortly after that I hope to get back to my regular posts.

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