Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I was never into playing sports when I was growing up, well that isn't really true I was a swimmer for quite some time, but by junior high swimming just wasn't cool, and god forbid I do something that wasn't cool. At that age the only sport, if you can call it a sport, we played was hackey sack. Now raising 3 boys that is all we ever do sports, sports and more sports, and I love it!

Today at the school we had the end of year BBQ, they have to do it now because the last 2 weeks of school are jammed packed with stuff going on. Me and the younger 2 were of course late getting there so we missed the burgers, but we got to go outside and play with the kids, which was much more fun anyway. The D man decided we would play basketball. I think that a lot of parents are still in the being "cool" stage of life, because there were all these parents standing around watching their kids play. I have never been a stand around and watch kind of parents. I enjoy playing with my kids and I don't really care who sees me or how stupid I look it's all about fun and before I know it they will be all grown up and won't want to play with me anymore. I am glad I won't be one of those parent that looks back on life and thinks "I should have played with my kids more."

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