Sunday, May 15, 2005

The force failed me

Last night they has the animated Star Wars on cartoon network, well we never just watch TV in our house, no we have to actively participate. I was minding my own business walking into the living room from the kitchen, when D jumped out at me, he drew his lightsaber, and in such an ambush situtation I had no choice but to draw mine. The battle was intense as we were fairly evenly matched in our skills, or at least I thought we were. I leapt backwards, landing on an upside down dog dish, twisting my ankle, and D chopped off my head while I was withering on the ground!

I woke up today with my whole foot swollen to a strut, but I learned to always look behind you before you leap, because no matter how strong the force is the dog is always more cunning and will help any child defeat you! I also discovered that my kids have never seen the original Star Wars, sure they have seen Empire Strikes back on cable, but what kind of mother would I be if they never saw Star Wars the place where it all started. I thought to myself "self your a bad mom", and not wanting to be a bad mom I was forced to actually join blockbuster online. I queued up Star Wars the whole freaking trilogy, ET because they have never seen that either, and a butt load of other movies that I have not seen in years. Hopefully I remember to send them back, I have a real problem with remember to do things.

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