Friday, May 13, 2005

This and That

Savannah isn't doing well.

Got an email from Angi last night and things are on a down hill slide. This is what she said: "I'm asking you all to pray for us all, but especially for Renee and Stan. They are as low as they can possibly go. Fact is, Vann isn't near as strong now as she was when she got the original transplant, she is a lot weaker physically,and even more weaker mentally. As we all are."
So please if you would keep them all in your thoughts right now. They can't even get Savannah on the transplant list until they find out if Medicare will pay for it or not. I had a whole post about this, but it just made me sadder and I scrapped it.

Moving on to happier new:

There are only 10 school days left for Cameron before summer break and only 14 school days left for David. I am so excited that it is almost summer break and they can just hang out at home with me all summer.

Stupid things I have done lately:

I cleaned off my desk yesterday and threw D's homework away. I also found a stack of envelopes, they are addressed and stamped and everything, that I forgot to send at Christmas. Paula your hockey picture and the boys school pictures are on the way, unless I forget again!

Projects in the works:
We are going to get new siding and windows this summer. The siding is actually falling off the house so we have no choice. I am excited about not living in the "big, ugly, yellow house." I am not excited about all the work it is going to take to get it done. We can hire someone to do it for us for about 10 grand or more. We can do it ourselves for half that or less. It's hell living on a budget. So needless to say we won't be getting the basement finished as I had hoped anytime soon.

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