Monday, May 02, 2005

The things I have learned

Men spend the first half of their lives telling us women they love us just so they can get in our pants, the 2nd half of their lives they tell us they love us because they don't want in our pants as much but they want to keep us around in case the need arises.

Children will wear you out.

It always seem like the grass is greener on the other side, even to the people on the other side.

Bra's were invented by men, no woman would invent a torture device and then expect all her friends to wear one too! and once you have one that fits perfect and it finally loose any abititly to actually hold the girls up, you will never find one that fits you like that one did again!

It can be beautiful outside, sunshine coming through the cloud, and it can still snow.

It is always good to flirt and be flirted with even if you have no intention of doing anything more than flirting. It makes you feel young.

I am scared of our mailman, he reminds me of Charles Manson. So when we don't get mail or we get the wrong mail I am always really nice about it, but I don't let the boys outside alone when he is coming down the street!

Everyone else sees you differently than you see yourself.

People that read my blog tend to know me better than people who don't and have know me for years.

I would love to be independent, but I lack the skills to take care of myself.

Just when you think everything is going wrong and there is nothing to smile about your kids will do something that makes you laugh until your sides hurt.

You can love someone one minute, hate them 2 minutes later, and love them again in ten minutes.

Sleeplessness tends to make me a little cranky after awhile.

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