Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The morning after

David woke up the day after his bike wreck, and he was all upset. I thought his eye was hurting so I gave him some children's motrin and an ice pack. He sat on the couch for awhile, got up and went in the bathroom, and came out all upset.
"Mom it still looks ugly."
"Well honey it will for awhile."
"but mom no one will play with me now."
"Honey, everyone will still play with you I promise."
"Yeah but the girls won't like me anymore."
"Why do you say that? They will like you just fine."
"No they won't they will think I'm ugly now."

I assured him that they would not think that he was ugly, but he didn't believe me. He decided to test the waters on his own. He put his clothes on, tucked in his shirt and everything, combed his hair, and off he went to play with the little girl across the street. He came in a little bit later and told me "You were right mom she still likes me."

He was still a little unsure of how school would go though, but he went anyway. At lunch time I went to check on him and there he was sitting at a table with a bunch of girls and they were all trying to help him and he was grinning from ear to ear! I think the idea of ever wearing a helmet just flew out the window, cause battle wounds are a sure fired way to get the attention of all the young ladies, and D has always like the attention from the girls!

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