Thursday, June 02, 2005

Dead man running

I read this article this morning. I am a little distressed that anyone would try to turn over this man death sentence. He deserves much worse than a lethal injection.

I was 17 years old in 1988. I remember like it was yesterday. Lisa Marie Kimmell was an 18 year old girl driving from Colorado back to Montana, and she turned up missing. They found her body thrown off government bridge about 15 miles outside of Casper, but they never found her car, a Honda civic with personalized plates saying "lil miss". An autopsy reveled that she had been raped and tortured before her death. I don't think any of my friends ever went anywhere alone after that, and I know my and my sister didn't. We were scared, there was a viscous murderer in our town. It took them 16 years to find this sicko, and now they want to turn over his death sentences. NO FREAKING WAY. I honestly think that we should tie him to a pole and let everyone throw rocks at him for a few days before his death. He is an evil man who deserves the death penality. I wish the freaking do gooders would find some other cause besides this vile man!

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