Friday, June 17, 2005

one of those days

Today I woke up and didn't have any coffee, I was out. I thought there was another canister on top of the cabinet, but it was empty! I have a caffine withdrawl headache something awful. Then my computer crashed, I really need to learn to say out of the registery files, but no I have to go and delete them making it impossible for my XP to run properly. The boys made a mud hole in the back yard and covered themselves in mud, and despite all of that I am in a relatively happy mood. I think I am learning how to hold the little things close to my heart and be happy with that, after all the little things are special. Little things like a hug from the boys, a phone call from someone I love, a few quiet moments in my day, time to myself at night to read a book or blog, the little things are what get me through. There are lots of little things that I treasure. Even with being in said really good mood I desperately want to rewind my day and relive about 15 minutes of it. There were so many things I should have said and didn't, and I am a dork! So now I am thinking what a total idiot I am. Can I get those few minutes back please, I am begging here! I want a redo damn it!! The momorns have been patroling the neighborhood today they are crazy people. I politly told them I was not interested, why do I feel the need to be so freaking nice to them? This is the second time this week! If I would have only told them off maybe they wouldn't come back! Something I am working on, maybe one day I will finish it.

Can you?

Can you touch my soul,
Make me believe in fairy tales with happy ending?
Can you show me who I am again?
And understand that’s just me?
Can you make it real,
Instead of just a fantasy?
Can you be everything to me,
Without taking away who you need to be?
Can you hold me
And let me fly?
Can you sit with me quietly
and know everything is ok?
Can you be my strength
when I am weak?
Can you believe in my
when I don't believe in myself?
Can you touch my soul
and love me?

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