Thursday, June 16, 2005


My mom got a copy of a letter written by my granddaddy's grandmother, Annie Devriee, after she got married she became Annie Olree, making her something like my great great grandmother. Granny Annie, that's just fun to say, has been dead for a long time now, and the letter was written in Oct. of 1907, almost 98 years ago. She was writing to one of her son's, she had 7 son's and one daughter. She wanted to get together at Christmas with all her kids. They hadn't sold the cotton yet so there wouldn't be any money for presents, but they sold the scrip so there should be enough for a nice dinner with everyone. Wow talk about poor, but I guess most people back then were poor, it was a different world, and money wasn't what make it go round.

Anyway the letter talked about how Granny Annie was worried about his soul and wanted to be sure he was following God's will. Her husband, my great great grandfather, was a preacher and they ended up in Texas. She also mentioned selling some books, which we don't know if she wrote books or was selling them for other people, but when her kids were small she would make them put on passion plays so we think she may have written books as well, probably religious books.

After her husband died at the rip old age of 45, Granny Annie moved all her kids back to Missouri, and that is where they all stayed except my great grandaddy who made his way back to Texas.

It's funny how one letter can bring on so many question. Like where are these books she was selling, what were they, how come great grandaddy went back to Texas, apparently he hoboed his way back there. What I am really wondering is how many shirt tail relations do I have out there wondering the same things!

Mom has a picture of them that I will post one of these days.

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