Sunday, June 26, 2005

Baddest Boots

Toby Keith
Baddest Boots

I got the baddest boots on the boulevard
Yeah the baddest boots on the boulevard

They make a man proud walking through a crowd
Whoa nothin' else can stand beside em
When I pull em on I start singin' a song
Make me wanna tuck my britches' legs inside em

D man talked grandpa into getting these! He won't take them off his feet.

I had a quiet week without the boys around. Steve ended up going to Utah, came home at 2am friday, tore the sliding glass door out Sat, put plastic up so he could put the new door in today, and ended up having to go back to Utah this morning until wednesday. My horoscope said I would be more in tune with nature, but I didn't think they meant this freaking close.

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