Sunday, June 19, 2005

googlie goo

I stole this from Wendy girl. It is amazing all the things you can borrow from other people when you are are just not posting orginal stuff! Thanks Wendy girl!

Googlism's for Jenn.
jenn is an atheist- yes I am kinda sorta I guess.

jenn is awesome dot com- who didn't know that one.

jenn is not here yet- but with any luck she will show up soon!

jenn is cooler- but cooler than what?

jenn is my ex- yeah get over it already I have.

jenn is a person who loves jesus deeply ? it's very apparent-- yeah real apparent especially since I just said I was an atheist.

jenn is singing-usually

jenn is listening- So you better watch out I am just like that Santa Clause guy or the federal government whichever.

jenn is not a doctor or nurse- and I don't play one on TV.

jenn is unashamedly flirting with bill- sadly I don't know Bill, but I am always game for flirting so give me a shout Bill!

jenn is the founder of auroramud- What the hell is auroramud?

jenn is older then glen they apparently didn't have colour photography at that point- I deny ever posing with glen in those pictures, you can't prove nothing!

jenn is the best thing

jenn is responsible for the project finances-well yes and no, I am an unvested signer on the loan, which means that is Steve dies they hold me responsible for paying it off, but if he divorces me it all on him!

jenn is a wonderful person

jenn is doing all of the hard work- well that is just a given.

jenn is waiting for a response-you people alway keep me waiting!

jenn is no help-stop making me wait for a response and I might be more helpful

jenn is going to put the hurt to them-I might

jenn is soft-yeah and fleshy and squishy

jenn is concerned that jack is slipping away from her- Sadly he is I find him lurking about every now and then, but he seldoms states his love for me anymore! I think he is cheating on me.

jenn is a reject 59- 59 what bottles of beer on the wall?

jenn is one of the few females on the boards that i like-Thanks I like you too!

jenn is up on the bridge- and if Jack slips away I may jump.

jenn is the glue of the operation-Well someone has to hold it all together

jenn is shy and contemplative-sometimes

jenn is a lifeguard and swim instructor-I did once have my lifeguard certificate, but I was never a lifeguard or swim instructor.

jenn is not responsible for any injury- this is ture it isn't my fault and I don't have enough for you to actually sue me so go hassle someone else.

jenn is a woman named rosario-No really I am Jenn, I don't even know anyone named Rosario

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