Saturday, January 01, 2005

I just have to always stir the pot.

You may not like or agree with the things I am going to bring up today, but hopefully we are all adult enough to understand this is just the opinion of one woman and some logical thinking.

Last night Steve and I were watching VH1's I love the 90's, it was fun to remember all the stuff that went on. The one thing that caused a heated discussion in our house was of course the Waco, Tx. Incident, which brought up Rudy Ridge also. First off I think that David Koresh or however you spell it, was just a freaking loon, but that isn't where I am going with this. Where I am going is that if the ATF or the police or any form of the US government shows up at your house with a warrant for your arrest, the best thing to do it raise your hands above your head and walk out your front door and drop to your knees. If you decided to have a stand off people are going to die and the only person at fault is the person who's name appears on the warrant! People are so quick to blame the government, but what it comes down to is that there was a warrant, in both cases. In both cases the person named on the warrant chose to hold up in their home, to avoid arrest. I am not say that the government acted in the best possible manner, there is room for major improvement there, but it would have all been avoided if Weaver and Keresh had simply walked out and surrendered. The Weaver's claimed something like they didn't know who was out there shooting at them. Oh please come on your a white supremacist who has been selling sod off shot guns to an undercover ATF agent, either they were truly ignorant, which I highly doubt, or they knew exactly who was out there. I mean the jackets that said "US Marshals" and "FBI" pretty much gave it away! The branch dividens well we will give them ignorance, because I mean they actually believed that Keresh was some sort of profit in the first place, and well my views there are a little slanted. I think any woman who wants to let her 12 year old daughter have sex with her husband, a husband she shares with 20ish other women, is more sick than the man having sex with the 12 year old. I would kill anyone who tried that with my boys, you are suppose to protect your children from predators like that not throw them in harms way! So in closing if your every in a situation where the SWAT team surrounds your home, walk out waving a white freaking flag, it will spare your family possible death.

Happy New Year.

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