Monday, January 31, 2005

Five years, where does the time go?

My middle one is five today. I still can't believe that I have had him for five whole years. Cam is a daddy's boy, most of the time he would rather hang out with dad than me, but that is ok because the other 2 both are mama's boys. He would never tell me that he likes dad better though, because it isn't in Cameron's nature to hurt anybodys feelings. He will tell us "I love you all the same" and he means it. Cam is a very head strong child however, and he demands that things be his way. Him and I go around and around, out of all 3 of my boys I fight with him the most. He is the middle child and everything they say about the middle child is true. Most of the time he is ready to please you, he will bend over backwards to please you, but then he expects the same out of you. He is more demanding with my time than David or Colton. He just doesn't know how to play by himself, he has never had to he always has one of his brothers to play with him. He is the best at helping around the house. He helps me do the dishes, and pick up and do laundry as long as he is the center of attention things are fine!
Colton and I took cupcakes for the class today and Cam got to hand them out to all his friends, and they sang happy birthday to him, then he asked to open his presents because he didn't want to open them with David because David always hog them! So we let him open them up and then tonight we will go to McDonalds with Steve's family. Yesterday granny came and took him to birthday lunch and got him a new pair of shoes and a cap gun, cause that is what he told her he wanted so she let him pick it out. I am off to play with the new toys!

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