Monday, January 03, 2005

Running behind today!

Well I got the boys to school on time this morning! I was impressed with myself! I cried when I left them, but I knew I would. Then I spent the rest of my morning talking to Angi. She is just as sweet on the phone as she is in this little box. I use to email her with all my raising little boys questions, now I am just gonna call her up! Don't change that number either Angi, I will just hunt you down!

Ok after having this minimized in the task bar at the bottom of this screen for the better part of the day, I guess I will get on with it!

I was late getting Cam from school, not to late though and his teacher is one of my friends so it isn't that big a thang! Angi and Wendy are both doing the lose weight thing, and that is one of my resolutions this year so I am depending on them to set a good example for me to follow! Last summer I lost about 30 pounds and I have gained it all back plus some! Oh god that is just scary! I have no idea where I was going with this earlier so I am just aimlessly typing away at this point so I will wrap it up.

Oh and Tim McGraw is hot, cowboy or not! Just checking to see who is listening! I do know your out there even if you do ignore me!

oh and Angi or anyone for that matter my AIM is jennschall1971 and my yahoo is jennschall.

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