Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I'm melting I melting

I was in the shower and Steve was still in bed. It was a weekend, and I had gotten the boys up and gave David his breakfast and Cam his bottle. David must have been almost 2 and Cam was just a tiny baby, and we didn't have Colton yet. While I was in the shower I hear "got ocean mama" "Ok baby" I said thinking great we will have lotion all over everything. I hurried with my wash and rinse jumped out, grabbed a towel and scurried out to get the "ocean" away from the boy. There was David sitting in the hallway, his skin looked like it was melting off his face, my first thought was "Oh my god he got into something really bad." and I screamed for Steve he came running out just as I got to D. David held up an empty jar of vaseoline smiled and said "Ocean good ocean". He was completely coated in vaseoline, his head, his face, his arms, his legs, every part of him was thick with the stuff. I quickly wiped his eyes and mouth and nose off with the towel that I had wrapped around me, and then I started laughing. It was that moment that I knew kids were tricky and you have to watch them every minute of the day like a hawk. The vaseoline was on the top shelf of the closet, how he got up there I still don't know to this day, but I do know that all the dawn dishwashing soap in the world doesn't take vaseoline out of your hair. We washed him and washed him to no avail. He was greasy for weeks afterward. That was the day I stopped showering unless I put the boys in the tub with me, at one point I would shower with Colton in my arms and David and Cameron sitting on the floor of the tub at my feet. I had learned my lesson: never ever under any circumstances leave small children alone in a room and expect them to actually sit and watch TV or play with a toy it isn't going to happen.

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