Saturday, January 22, 2005

Spring has sprung

It has been beautiful here the last few days. It has actually been in the mid 50's, which is almost perfect. The snow has all melted and the sun is shining. We have been playing outside the boys sleep better when they get outside. Woohoo for nice spring weather in the middle of winter!

They have started Davids assessments, and no one informed me until yesterday when I got an email from the teacher saying that they were almost done with them. I swear the school district has a real lack of communication skills. I wonder if anyone has taught them to pick up a phone or write a note and send it home with my boys, no wonder they have such trouble teaching children when it is apparent they can't read or write either! As soon as I can send Colton home with mom for a few day I will be going to sit with the class. Mom has had to work for the last 2 weeks. D scored a 98% on is last reading test so he moved up a level. He is now reading level 10's at school and about level 14 at home. I have noticed that if I hand him something and make him read it and tell him you can read it, he will read it. I think at school when they give him something he thinks is to hard he will just tell them it is to hard and they don't make him do it. He does everything better for me than he does for the teachers, because he knows I expect him to do it better. I have seriously been looking into home schooling him next year. I hate to take him away from all his buddies, but I am just getting madder and madder at the school district. We will see how the rest of this year goes before I do anything that drastic.
Colton has decided that he doesn't have to go to school after all, because they don't know nothing, I think his mom has made him cynical, can you tell that I don't have a very high opinion of the public school system!

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