Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Forming a sentence

It seems so easy doesn't it? I can't seem to write anything worth reading. There is nothing that seems to inspire me to write lately. I sit here thinking I need to blog, and get nothing. The last few months I have lost any humor that I once had. I can't seem to tell a story or even get my posts to come out with a hint of intelligence. Everything is jumbled in my brain and longing for escape, but somewhere between my mind and my fingers everything gets lost. My stories on the forum have sucked lately also. I just throw them together and post them without even proof reading them or giving them a second look. I am wandering in a fog that seems to get thicker the harder I try! Oh well here goes the details of my day.

I am not a morning person. I don't honestly believe that the day should actually start until around 11am. That way I can get up slowly and have my pot of coffee, and stare at the wall for an hour or so before I have to move to much. This morning I had an appointment with the school nurse to have D's health assessment that is the start of all the other assessments they plan to do, but have still not set a date for, or maybe they have just forgotten to inform me, either way they have until Monday to contact me or I am going to go right back to the school and throw another tantrum. I had to get up early so that started the day off wrong to begin with. Colton and I met with the nurse and filled out 15 pages of paperwork all with no, except for the one question "did you smoke with your pregency?" which was a yes, but not as much as I smoked with the last one, and that was even mild compared to the 2 and a half packs I have been smoking lately, but that is another story. We finished up with the nurse and I am behind on my volunteer time so I went down to Cam's class and signed in to do some time. That really turned into what was more like "run around like a chicken with my head cut off" because I couldn't remember a thing. I was making copies and ended up having to go back 3 time and ask how many of each page do they need, the scary part was I wrote it down twice! I got 3 hours today and still need 4 to get caught up, so I need to get in again this week to fix that before I get so far behind I can't get caught up. We have hockey tonight and I am attempting to cook a prime rib that I was suppose to cook when dad was here, but we got busy and I forgot. I am gonna go watch cartoons with the boys now, I need mindless entertainment!

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