Monday, January 17, 2005

Remodeling, shopping, and kids

Friday I went to pick up David from school, and Colton stayed home with dad. When I got home Colton was sitting on the stairs with his coat over his head screaming "I just wanna be the baby." and Steve was laughing so hard I thought he might wet himself. He said Colton was sitting there since I left going "whaaa whaaa I just wanna be a baby again and drink from a bottle and pee my pants." He was angry I had left him, but he wouldn't get his shoes on so I left him.

Mom and dad came this weekend so Daddy and Steve could work on the bathroom. If something could go wrong it did, but they managed to get the bathtub, the tub surround, and most of the sheetrock up. So now I have a floor and new linoleum, a bathtub, and some walls! We are actually just going to glue up tile board instead of taping and painting. It will be a lot easier and quicker. Steve has to go out of town to work this week so I may end up putting up the rest of the sheet rock and starting on the tile board. We are so close to having it done it is amazing!

Mom and I took the boy and we went grocery shopping. My boys are usually pretty good in the store, but the last few times I have taken them they have been little monsters. All three of them start running around and being wild. I think it is do to the fact that we have been below zero all last week and they had to have indoor recess. They were bouncing off the walls though and driving me insane. It is 40 today and they have been outside cause they have the day off of school. Tomorrow I have to go to the school and we will start David's assessment.

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