Sunday, January 02, 2005

I get a new bathroom!

Well yesterday Steve went in to fix the wall in the bathroom for me. He was going to fix a 2x2 section of the wall. Next thing I know the wall is completely gone. Then the more he got to working in there the more the walls seemed to come down. The only thing in the bathroom now is the rest of the flooring that is coming up and the sink so I have a place to brush my teeth, because I really enjoy brushing my teeth on a daily basis! We have a half finished bathroom downstairs, it has a toliet and a shower, but no sink yet. The plan was to finish that one then start this one up here. I don't have any walls where the stairs come down so you can actually sit on the stairs and have a conversation with the person in the shower, I know this because I have to sit on the stiars and talk to the boys when they are in the shower. They don't want to be down there by themselves. I think I can spend a couple of weeks like that to get me a brand new bathroom though! Steve had to go out of town to work all week and he took the credit card with him so I can't even fisish it up until he comes home to purchase supplies, oh darn it anyway!

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