Thursday, December 30, 2004


With the new year fast approaching I have reflected on the old and what I want to change in the new. I have several things I would like to change like I would love to have a boob lift and liposuction, but somehow I don't think they will make the top of the list this year, unless I find some anonymous benefactor who wants to front the bill for my plastic surgery.

So in the coming year I am vowing to lose weight, I always make that one, and it goes good for about a month.

I am going to go to the Dr, and find out what is wrong with me, I have been fighting these god awful headaches and then I get these tired spells and I get so cold I feel like a dead person. I hate the Dr. but as a good friend said "wouldn't you rather know what is wrong and get treated?" I am not to sure I want to find out I have something incurable though so I have put it off for quite some time.

I am going to be a better blog friend and visit you all more often, part of that has been the headaches, and partly because I have just gotten lazy. I am going to do better.

I am going to be a better mother, I always make that one to, and always fail miserably at that too! I am just not Betty homemaker. I am really good at playing with them and loving them, but the other June Clever stuff just is so darn hard.

I am sure I will have a whole list of my inadequateness, but that is all I can think of right now!

Happy New Year everyone please have a safe New Years eve, and don't put those keys in the ignition if you have had to much to drink I would hate to start the new year with the lose of one of my dear computer friends!

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